Post by Adyor Vanderlei on VERO

New handmade grid for sale

Each drawing is handmade with a Micron marker using the organic technique meaning that there is no set in stone place to start or place to finish it’s just like free writing but for drawing let the marker take you wherever it wants to go I usually start off with one triangle and then take it from there and when I whenever I feel finished I’m finished. But what makes this so rare and unique is that no other artist can copy it or duplicated and it’s super duper where there’s only one of it in the world ever it will be signed and dated on the back by the artist at your van early and you will have something that is so unique and rare that that in 20 years you will be the only one in the world with one of these handmade drawings now how cool will that be please don’t sleep on it and visit NOW and get your hands on these unique one-of-a-kind drawings before they go. I will be making more but for right now I’m only going to be drawing five of them named and dated  for Rarity and exclusivity.