Levitating Shapes

Adyor VanderleiĀ  is most known for his obsession for shapes, platonic solids and combining them into clusters that rotate, elevate and morph into each other. [ Some levitate and some don’t ,there is no meaning behind it. Adyor’s art is for the public to decide and think about Adyor has no opinion of his own art, it’s not his. Adyor’s art is yours.


I am feed up with the liars, the slander’s and the jealous people. From now on refer all questions to VOLTA SEVEN, I ADYOR AVAKIAN VANDERLEI am officially out of the conversation, yall go fight with your selves now. If you contact me it better be for art inquires only I’m done sticking up for myself and getting no where. I know some of yall don’t believe me so I’ll


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Here is a gallery of work by artist Adyor Avakian Vanderlei. As an artist it is not my place to tell you what you mus see or feel when viewing my art. It is up to you to decide what you think or feel about my art but what I can do it tell you in a basic way what I did to accomplish my art. First off my new