AETCHBASE X KARGA77 X along with the help from VOLTA SEVEN CLICKA has formed our very own copywriter font. Because most typographers were too damn lazy to do what it takes to hunt down old textiles, if we even see a blurry picture that could be even slghtly confused with our font we will sue the shit off your grnd kids estates.


Kiandthehorses has been drawing and painting her very own minimalistic story telling style for over 10 years.
She was introduced to V7 even before she knew how to hold a paint brush. She doesn’t speak much english so we really have no idea if she is officially in the V7 collective or not, she is just an awesome artist with nothing to prove to anyone.


KARGA 77  tried to talk smack to us saying that we bite thier name CARGA77, which w came up with 2 years ago. They also sai that they are going to sue us for the name being so close and saying our designs areall rip-offs of their founder AERIAL TOLLHOUSEn WOW, This new clothing company is lit. KARKA 77 is starting out today with only 2 shirts. and they are


Scott was our best and ONLY friend when we moved to Barstow. Scott was always there for us, when we didn’t have food, he would just now he would come over with food with us even asking. Scotty if one of the reason we got clean from heroin.


ZIPGUNFORLIFE     SHOP Zipgunforlife until the Interview is finished. or peep out the Zipgunforlife Instagram page. The hottest hot bot spots both sides of the Mississippi   Here are some shirt Zipgunforlife has for sale.


These are examples of Adyor’s freestyle abstract grid/linewire work. He draws each organically, meaning he doesn’t plan anything out. He just starts with one line and then builds put from there. There is no preperation or desired outcome of each piece it is %100 organic and free drawn by hand.


We were trying to get this out in 2018 but so much had happened we didn’t have the time it takes to put out a good quality interview. What I wanted from ASHER was yo put down some schooling for the next generation and without asking him to, he did full-fill the knowledge of an OG. Most of these new writers have no directions no morals no can control hey