ADYOR invented abstract organic “grids” or “wire-frame topographical grid formations” in 2013.

I wanted to take a step back from letter formations and make something with very minimal rules. Something “hyper-minimal” (yes another art form I created). It had to be organic, I wanted to start every piece with nothing in my head ,no feelings in my heart, I wanted to draw an artistic expression without thinking, feeling or desiring art itself.

So I start with one line in a certain formation I cannot talk about because if i explain every aspect of how I do  my grids the graffiti soy-boy style biters will jock yet another one of my styles and call it theirs. Not this time. I will show no one how to draw this because I would actually like to be known for at least one of my many stolen styles before I die.- Adyor Avakian Vanderlei