This is a gallery showcasing the style that ADYOR has made up. He alone invented it. ADYOR has created many more style that will be displayed here but this one is the most famous. his is the style lots of graff writers try to do and if they can do they will claim that they made it up. Even if they add a little bit difference the main Low-Poly geometric shaped letters is the foundation that ADYOR has created. Some writers have bite this style thinking no one will know because ADYOR is very private person and doesn’t show off a lot of his art work.

I took ADYOR over at atleast 10 years to create this. ADYOR studied sacred geometry, Plato’s Platonic Solids. For years ADYOR did nothing but draw and paint geometric shapes or polygons or even 3D platonic solids over and over everyday for almost 2 years within the 10 year learning period.ADYOR had another advantage , he was taught over the phone by SAKE ONE IBM WST for almost 1 month on how to paint dark to light with oils and contouring can make a 2d shape have the illusion of 3d.

The gallery at the bottom is ADYOR’s Low-Poly geometric shaped letter graffuturism style he invented around 2012-14. HE painted this style only up until 2016 because he got really sick and can no longer stand up long enough or even hold a spray can long enough to paint a piece.