KRÜL put it in work and earn a name for herself within the graffiti tagging you know like couldn’t slap subscribes tagging hitting trains also doing designs for shirts and designs yeah yeah and digital digital work and stuff she earned she earned her name like she earned her name really really really really hard like she didn’t go out there and make friends with all these other girl graffiti crew Hoppers that she could have done she didn’t she did it all on her own do you know she doesn’t even really consider yourself an artist for a matter of fact but yet she can create art so I mean we don’t have to categorize her just she is who she is she does what she does you know she was the first girl to come up come up with the with the moniker tetrahedron and scribe it everywhere I’m not going to say what state but let’s just say that the middle of America has seen her scribes I mean she is put in so much work that they have to have replaced whole sinks whole talking whole like toilet units vacuum the whole like like cruel has scribed her way 2 her place angry angry fiti and right now with a lot of things going on you know she can’t just go out bombing and painting anymore like she used to but she’s learning how to do this digital stuff you know making she’s already made socks she’s paid washes she’s made hats she made ties made a ton of shirts she’s made I don’t know if thousands of designs like I don’t know if she’s I’m a hard-working artist who’s not an artist yeah you let you know what I mean like I work hard like I I I I will brag I work hard I work definitely hard and this girl this girl can keep up with me and she can surpass me if she felt like it she just doesn’t feel like it but she did as she did feel like it she could surpass me if cruel felt like it she could probably become one of the most famous female artist of this generation if she felt like it I can literally if she felt like it but she she doesn’t then you know whatever on to the next thing but if she did really really really feel like it she could I’m afraid to get take out like chicken take-out whole Cruise if you wanted to cuz not only can she do not only can she write with spray paint the only can she write with marker only can she write with with with digital on a computer on a phone you are not only can’t you do all that but she can do all of it really really well.