We were trying to get this out in 2018 but so much had happened we didn’t have the time it takes to put out a good quality interview. What I wanted from ASHER was yo put down some schooling for the next generation and without asking him to, he did full-fill the knowledge of an OG. Most of these new writers have no directions no morals no can control hey need a figure like ASHER to look up to so show them the way. It’s not his job to school kids so take this interview as a gift. ASHER is a very busy dude so for him to poor is soul out in this interview I give him much respect for taking his own time to do this and no I didn’t him this as on his time. His gift to the graffiti  culture. and here it is.

1. How long have you been writing, how did you get your name?

I write ASHE/ASHER Downtown Angeles California. I started tagging in the early 90’s as a teenager growing up in Arizona. I have been consistently painting I am a bomber so I ONLY paint illegal graffiti. If you’re familiar with my work at all, I typically paint Main Street top to bottom black fill white outline, block style lettering, more often than not . Where most people are scared to catch tags I paint in broad daylight. I release myself from Fear a long time ago. Nobody wants to go to jail that’s would just be stupid. But since I’m not scared anymore you got me confused for someone who gives a SHIT

” I have been consistently painting the streets with a vengeance for the last 15 years.”

2. Do you rep any crews or are you a solo writer.
I don’t rep any Crews whatsoever. I stand tall all By Myself. A lot less problems this way.
3. Over the past 10-20 years how have you seen the evolution of the graffiti? Has the internet played a roll if any in the transformation of the internet.
10 or 20 years ago when I was coming up in the streets as a bomber things were a lot different in graffiti without a doubt! There was no form of social media at the time whatsoever. If you wrote graffiti back then you are a part of something that you can never get back or recreate. “There was a certain mystique and being anonymous was primero. You didn’t want people to know who you were!  You damn sure didn’t want people to recognize your face ” , an associate that with the name that you were tagging in the streets. It was like some superhero type shit. You would go out at night time and do what you do as a vandal on the street , and then in the daytime you were back to being a normal person. That was the whole lure to it is that it was underground , and if you want a part of it you didn’t know pretty much anything about it except for what you saw on the wall.
4. If you could tell the next generation only two keys of advice what would those two important keys be? 
1-If I can the Next Generation anything it would be to study your lettering ! Practice your lettering everyday,The fundamental application of lettering is something that cannot be faked or duplicated. With so much Freedom of Information on the internet people just screenshot and bite other people Styles.
2-And secondly,is to do you! “Don’t let social media, your friends, or anybody else dictate what you do as far as graffiti is concerned.” If you want to do characters instead of letters, go for it! If you want to bomb instead of piece, go for it! If you want to tag with dollar cans instead of Montana’s go for it! But Above All Else most importantly, is 2 practice your tags and hand Style! That’s the most quintessential part of graffiti is your signature and practice that everyday all the time if you really want it to not be wack. Just do it over and over and over on everything and before you know it it’ll show progress.

5. What’s you favorite aspect of graffiti if you could choose just one! Would it be bombing, illegal pieces, legal pieces, crew wall murals, trains, freeways, street walls, box trucks, infiltration of buildings, solo wall street side pieces or all city tags and throws. But you gotta only pick one.

For me my favorite part about graffiti has to be without a shadow of a doubt Street bombing! That Main Street, in your face, top to bottom(no floaters EVER!)

6. How does tattooing connect with graffiti lifestyle. Over the past 10 years tattoo artist and Graff artist have evolved into this hybrid or writer that not does both. Do you like that graffiti style lettering has found its way into the tattoo scene or do you wish they had never merged at all.
7. Family and graffiti. The greatest juggle of all time. If your a family man how does your Graff/tatt lifestyle interfere if at all with your regular life. (If the question doesn’t apply to you use a friend you know as your example, if not we can cut this question)
8. If you could go back any year/generation to paint what year would that be, why that year and who would you paint with?
9. Before going out on a nights mission do you use any substance to in crease your bombing powers and take away the fear.( for lack of dry snitching say the word “swim” GI drinking or “swing” does this before bombing(
10. In the late 90’s early 00’s before Instagram graff was going down almost like and economic recession. Did you ride the wave or did you stand your ground through those dark graffiti times. There was like only 3 Graff mags back then. 12oz prophet and ArtCrimes were the only online sites to view graffiti and back then if you told girls you were a writer then would curb yo ass, unlike today when your at a party and girls fine out you write they flock you like a loose McDonald’s French fry.
 The internet now has completely changed everything about graffiti. It’s so watered down it’s ridiculous! People that have no intimate knowledge about graffiti.
11. Harsh honesty time what excites you the most; tattooing or graffiti?
12. What was your main deciding factor that caused you to give up the 9-5 and become a writer/tattoo artist? What do your family and parents think about your decision.
13. Have you ever had a tattoo client ask for the most ridiculous tattoo and you tried to talk them out but they  insisted on it and you had to tattoo it on them?
14.  When you were s kid did you in s million years think this was what you were going to grow up to be?
(15-20 is a SPEED ROUND  the questions are short and just give a one word answer. )
15. Lil Pump or Biggie Small “B.I.G.’
16. Face tats or nipple ring?
17. LA or NY?
18. Big booty, lil booty?
19. Krylon / Amer Accents or Foreign Paint ex: IronLak, Belton, Hardcore? Basically foreign or domestic?
20. Where do you see graffiti in 20 years. Ex; the art fags take over, Toy graffiti is the new trend, We all start wearing baggy Ben Davis jeans again? Transgender Graff artist. The new generation uses nothing but projectors, tape and cutting boards. What’s your vision of days to come?