PROSPER V7 ATP Most havent heard of him cause he staysordanied by to himself his not into all the clout and fame chasing most artist are into today. This kid was making major moves or strides at the ages of 14,15 and 16 we he was doin thing for graffiti and tattoos and clothing brands while most kids where looking for the cool parties Chris was locking in a room frool of canvases and spray paint not leaving till all the paint was gone of he died from paint inhalation first. Thats Chrisand if your ever blessed to know him don’t take it likely, knowing him was ordained by God himself so with out further a due here is the 7 question ‘PROSPER V7 ATP LE” Interview.

1. How in the heck did a white kid from the suburbs get down into a graffiti crew at at 15 and became a tattoo artist at at 17?

2. Out of everyone I know/we know you have never ever asked me for anything and I’m talking like you never asked me to introduce you to Milton Chavez, you did that i your own, you never askd me to introduce you to the VOLTA SEVEN CLICK, you did all your homework on your own, shit I don’t even think I told you how to hold a can and spray it clean, ch you antyhing except what drugs not to do.

3. Will this life style we life there come ups and then there comes downs and you have always have a smile on your face, kept your chin up and never ever let the  bullshit get to you. How have you kept such a steady head living the life style of a writer/tattoo/shirt brand/ entrepreneur with gangs trying to take us out, ops trying to end us and the Feds trying to destroy us you navigate so freely, what your secret.

4. I remember seeing a newspaper add with you organizing a skate park in Sun City (Menifee) . I was so elated, I showed my mom like “I was mom I know that kid we do graffiti together.”  Slo what ever happened to that? I heard Menifee what hating.

5.Last I head you were starting a clothing brand. I have a clothing brand too. I want name it in this interview because people be doing shadytricks like promoting thier own stuff on other peoples moment to shine but I really wanna know whats your vision for your clothing company. Whats it going to be called? What aspect of street art, street life, real life, do you want to represent in your clothing brand.

6. Chris there is s rule that says you get out of life what you put into life. I feel you have put nothing but positive energy into this life.What advice would you give a kid 12-15 who wanted to start using art as his form of life currency.

7. Chris last question, I must say I’m not dick riding you but you have something different than any one I’ve ever met. If you could say 3 words that describe you  what would those 3 words be?

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