VERSACE X ₳₤✞₡Ħ  ฿Δ₴₤ COLLAB. Two years ago Adyor Vanderlei and his wife wee homeless. o make money we sold heroin and xanax. That barely pulled the rent money together but being homeless you learn fast you can can trust, you is just trying to steal from you.

We had it ruff,we would panhanlde on the srip, with people yelling at us to ge t a job. The funny thing is we are both college graduates,we run 6 different websites, we run 2 bandsTHE LAST CYLON” and XOAYAX“:. and 2 international graffiti art crews; V7 , YSL, and are repping many more: UB, ATP, ARC, LE, and the most famous world renown IBM.,

So These designs are a collaboration between VERSACE and ₳₤✞₡Ħ  ฿Δ₴₤  and a little help from the coolest most down to er=arth Gagsters in the Fashion industry, you have most likely never heard of them they are ₭Δ\Γ₲₳ $£V ₦

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