Artist ADYOR VANDERLEI the Third made a little cameo on Secure team thanks to Tyler. WE love you Tyler because you only cover “REAL” news and for that I’m forever grateful for what you done by putting a small time art studio on “viral” internet world wide.  I have had emails from across the planet asking me for interviews but for now I only trust Tyler fromSecure Team. Watch and Enjoy. V7 X VOLTASEVEN X ADYOR putting in work, I may not be bombing streets byt I’ve gone farther that all of you “bombers” by bombing the SKY and might I add I was the first graffiti artist to do do. So All Yall bombers better take notes, theres a new style of bombing that more masses of people can see and the best part is the cops have no idea how to catch you. Air is Public air the government has no right or authority over our air. I DID SIGN AN NDA WITH V7 STUDIOS, I CAN BREAK MY CONTRACT AT $5,000.00 SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY OUT MY CONTRACT WITH VOLTA SEVEN STUDIOS BE MY GUEST I’D LOVE TO DISCLOUSE AND TALK ABOUT MORE OF THIS AND WHAT GOING AND EVEB FUTUE EVENTS. PLEASE IF YOU WAN TO FREE ME OF MY CONTRACT EMAIL ME AT




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