I am feed up with the liars, the slander’s and the jealous people. From now on refer all questions to VOLTA SEVEN,

I ADYOR AVAKIAN VANDERLEI am officially out of the conversation, yall go fight with your selves now. If you contact me it better be for art inquires only I’m done sticking up for myself and getting no where. I know some of yall don’t believe me so I’ll leave you with one question. How can a pyramid that huge hover over the pentagon with out any F-16’s being scrambled? It would take minutes, but no F-16 were there to “protect” us. Iv’e told yo all the answer but you all failed t o believe me so I’m out go figure this one out on your own I’ll give you 1 hint…V7. Good luck.





TO  contact email  ADYOR VANDERLEI email: if you don’t trust gmail you can email me on my underground email at or these are my encrypted emails the government can’t see.


levitating triangle and cube. Adyors trademark

* too  those wanting more see the real vidoeo’s from UFO’s, Extraterrestrials



this guy down here think’s I’m a hoaxer .. lol get real guy you must work for the government to try to discredit people like VOLTA SEVEN. He is the guy who started the rumor that I made these videos and that I mad  a hologram this dude is a liar and that’s why he took down his video.

AGAIN I will do an interview, but only with credible people like Tyler from SECURETEAM10, Mouth Buddha, MUFON, and a few others i won’t name on here because they are off the grid.

BANNED by NAZZIES you remind me of “Ritchie From Boston” like government plant used to  discredit any new technology and thats what this is. The #PentagonPyramid was some new classified technology that I can talk about everything that went on except that technology. NO VOLTA SEVEN IS NOT A BREAK OFF OF PROJECT BLUE BEAM. In-fact V7 fights to disclose project  “BLUE BALLS” at the right time and place.


For all the skeptics  I have yet to have one email. Not a one. Looks like some people out there just want to stick their heads in the ground and wait out the end times. Not me and my group we want to spreed the word on Government technology, mind control,zero point energy, aliens ARE demons, just read the bool of Enoch if your blessed to come across one, must might never in their lifetime come across the book of Enoch.



PR: Aerial Tollhouse for Adyor Vanderlei

Here is the video after I’ve Talked with Tyler.



I still have more Jim Kerr from Black Vault. He is Legit ere are some links from is work here.

The link below: Scroll down the page to see investigations I have done th
for The Black Vault. Recent UFO investigation I did. My bio on The Black Vault. the years I have also written articles for Roxy Lopez, owner of
“The Truth Denied” website. Link below.

heres another one we did, well I ,mean VOLTA SEVEN did this one I had no art in it except for marketing.

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