Adyor Avakian Vanderlei is a retired graffiti (graffuturism) artist. HE is EXTREMELY private that is why you won’t see his face anywhere you wont see him doing tons of interviews. ADYOR is known for using geometry in his pieces rather they are flat or 3D. He is obsessed with cubes (hexahedron) and triangles (tetrahedron). He has studied sacred geometry, Platonic Solids, can draw them by heart freestyle no reference and can form letters on the spot from years   of practice. He known for inventing #dirtstyle #dripstyle #CubeCluster #LowPolyLetters #GeoShapedLetters #Minimal3dLetters #3dAbstractShapes and many more. There will be a gallery showcasing all the various styles that he has invented some all by himself and some when he was younger and was taught minor tricks from artist like SAKE IBM WST, STEVEN (BASHERS CREW), ORGA, BLER, VOKE, NUER,FUTUR LGF, and even influences I don’t know in person like RETNA, ROIDS, ZES, AYER, MAC, EWOK MSK, LOOMIT, DIAM, NOSM, HOW, FUCT, BAT & OLA VTO, DOES, SKER OTR, HAELER MSK OTR, EYEREK, DREYE KOG, BRAIL and many more.

If you would like to know about the technology he used contact him adyorism@gmail.com

 here is an example of his digital organic work.

 here is an example of his ink on paper organically drawn grid formation.

There will be more galleries coming soon to the ART section.