ADYOR's digital works."HYPERSTYLES"


 HYPERIMPOSITION is a photography digital design edit that HYPER-IMPOSED an object onto a photograph.



cluster of cubes placed in,on, over, through and under other cubes with out any planning or sketching. Every "Hyper Cluster" is %100 freestyle. This is a technique and style created and innovated by artist Adyor Vanderlei the Third.


HyperGrids are a combination of typography grids and 3D mapping grids put together in a freestyle format again with no planning nd no desired end product. Hyper-Grids are yet another style of graffuturism that artist ADYOR VANDERLEI has created on his own with years of studying maps, graphs,3D craphing, 3D mapping and a mixture of typography and graffiti under a sub genre of graffiti called "graffuturism"

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